Change happens. Policies and procedures, training material, and personnel will change over time. When change occurs, it is often critical to communicate immediately and effectively to all who are affected. 

When a change occurs, the Department of Transportation 49 CFR §192.805(f) and §195.505(f)  states “operators must communicate changes that affect covered tasks to individuals performing those covered tasks.”

Using the OnBoard® Notice of Change (NOC) feature, administrators are able to issue notifications which prompt recipients to review and confirm receipt of any change. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Client creates a NOC in the system.
  2. The system notifies the affected users of the NOC.
  3. The system tracks in real time all details of each affected user’s response.
  4. The system notifies the client when the NOC is complete.
  5. The client is able to access a report detailing the NOC and who reviewed it.

Administrators have the ability to send a notification for informational purposes only or to set requirements paired with customized action responses, such as suspending an employee’s or contractor’s qualification.

Because of these advanced features, OnBoard® NOC is a game changer when it comes to managing information across multiple groups of users regardless of scale. Large-scale operators can manage change across countless contractor companies just as easily as a municipal utility can manage a handful of employees

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