Virginia Gas Operators Association (VGOA) - Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I sign up with ITS? 

Contact office at 1-800-333-1566 or 270-753-2150, Ext 100

  • • You can also email and we will contact you
  • • An ITS/company Agreement will be established and emailed for signature

2.    What do I need to provide to ITS?

  • • ITS needs existing company records
  • • Companies will need to validate permissions/roles and active employees (system administrators, field employees with OQ)
  • • ITS will send you an information form that must be filled out and returned in order to proceed

3.    How long does it take to start receiving content access?

  • • Training will be available once company data is verified

4.    Who can proctor my exam or conduct my skill evaluation?

  • • At this time, all contractors must contact the Local Distribution Company (LDC) that they perform work for to obtain a list of evaluators they have accepted.


5.   Will ITS provide administrator training?

Yes! ITS provides the following:

  • • Webinar Admin training is available upon request.
  • • Phone/Email support available 270-753-2150 x 111 from 8 am - 5 pm Central


6.    What if I already have Qualifications?

Qualifications are allowed to expire naturally


7.    How long will my Qualifications be valid?  

Qualifications are valid for 36 months

8.    What is the cost?

Call ITS for pricing information at 1-800-333-1566 Ext 100 and state you need information for VGOA members

9.  Can I take my skill evaluation before I pass the exam?

A successful skill evaluation may be entered 90 days before or after a passed knowledge exam.

10. What happens if I fail an exam or skill evaluation?

  • • There is a 30 hour wait period between training and testing
  • • Upon 1st or 2nd failure, there is a 48 hour wait period
  • • After third failed attempt, you may not retest for 6 months

11.  What system requirements do I need to access the OnBoard® system?


  • • 3GHz single core processor or equivalent multi-core processor (Intel or AMD)
  • • 1GB RAM


A computer with web browser installed and internet connectivity is required. The following web browsers are supported. 

  • • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8,9+)
  • • Mozilla Firefox (version 9+)
  • • Google Chrome (all versions)
  • • Apple Safari (iOS for tablets) 
  • • Minimum required internet connection speed (bandwidth) for taking online exams is 128Kb/s.