B31Q Consulting

Industrial Training Services, Inc. offers consulting services to identify which ASME B31Q Covered Tasks match your company’s individual needs. We will help you integrate the B31Q standard into your Operator Qualification plan or to bolster your company’s procedures and training. 

View a list of ITS-adopted B31Q Covered Tasks.

The B31Q standard is widely recognized by the pipeline industry as one of the highest standards of qualification. The standard applies to all tasks that impact the safety or integrity of pipelines, except for design or engineering tasks and for tasks primarily intended to ensure personnel safety.

The B31Q Standard differs from the OQ Rule DOT 192 (Subpart N) or DOT 195 (Subpart G) in that it broadens the scope of what tasks can be considered “Covered Tasks”.

B31Q remains a non-mandatory standard, as it has not yet been included by reference into the federal code.

Since 2013, ITS has proudly served on the ASME B31Q Committee, which is tasked with revising and verifying the ASME B31Q standards for a new release every 3 years. The ASME B31Q Committee consists of various Subject Matter Experts from within the pipeline industry and represents many of the major pipeline operators and curriculum developers.

ITS also offers consulting services to implement B31Q Covered Tasks into your company’s OQ plan.

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