Propane Compliance & Refresher Training

In cooperation with propane industry groups and associations, we have developed targeted propane training focusing on continuing education courses that have value to propane marketer personnel, HVAC/plumbers, and appliance sales. These courses can be customized to any company or state-specific requirements.

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1.1 Identifying Product Characteristics and Equipment and Procedures Basic to Supporting the Services of Propane Marketers

2.1 Identifying Hazmat Employee Training and Procedures Required for Propane Delivery Drivers

2.2 Identifying Key Safety Issues Relating to Propane Delivery Drivers

3.1 Identifying Procedures Basic to Propane Plant Operations

3.2 Operating and Maintaining Propane Vaporizers

3.4 Operating and Maintaining Propane Vaporizers and LP-Pumps

6.1 Identifying Procedures for Conducting a Safety Inspection of an Existing Gas Appliance Installation


Propane Compliance

The Department of Transportation requires any jurisdictional propane systems to comply with DOT 49 CFR 192 regulations.

Offered as online courses and exams or in traditional paper-based form, Industrial Training Services, Inc. training and assessment materials cover every aspect of transmission and distribution pipeline operation, maintenance, and safety.

We design our curriculum around Covered Tasks based on the regulations and standards established by DOT, OSHA, NFPA, ASME B31Q, and API

ASME B31Q covered tasks are incorporated into our training material and are clearly identified by assigned task codes.