When we talk to pipeline foremen and OQ managers, they often mention there’s no simple way to track in the field who can perform OQ tasks under the span of control of a qualified supervisor. 

The ITS OnBoard Learning Management System makes it easy to track fully trained and qualified individuals for pipeline tasks and to assign specific projects to a group of workers with the appropriate span of control requirements.  Combining ITS Verify with OnBoard data makes it possible to customize span of control requirements and then access them on a mobile device through the Verify app. 

Here’s how Verify helps pipeline operators and contractors set up span of control for their work in the field and access it easily during tailgate meetings:  


Build Custom Jobs Using Span of Control  

Whether assigning tasks to contractors or employees, Verify makes it easy to access lists of critical tasks and custom jobs that require verification for field workers.  

By assigning span of control to specific workers, companies can be certain that their workforce is correctly assigned and deployed on the job site.  


Create Verifications for Span of Control 

Verify makes it easy to establish a mobile verification process for custom jobs, crew assignments, and qualification designations.  

When a task is marked as critical or permits an unqualified worker under the span of control, foremen can easily determine who is assigned to each task.  


Access Reports for Span of Control 

Review your company’s completed verifications (whether by internal or contractor employees) and utilize a downloadable PDF as proof for future inspections, incident reports, and audits.

The Verify dashboard provides a multi-layered view of the qualified individuals on the job, SOC assignments made, critical tasks assigned, and more. 

Get the most out of your OnBoard records and remove uncertainty from your morning tailgate meetings with the ITS Verify App.  

Learn more today about how the ITS Verify App can simply your company’s span of control requirements.