Operator Qualification

What can we do for your company?

We will get your workforce Operator Qualified and maintain qualification for any covered task related to the natural gas, propane, and hazardous liquid pipeline industries. Our extensive task libraries  (available in both paper-based and online) are paired with training and assessment materials that cover every aspect of transmission and distribution pipeline operation, maintenance, and safety based on the regulations and standards established by PHMSA/DOT, OSHA, NFPA, ASME, and API.

We manage your records, assist with regulatory audits and facilitate communication with your contractors. In addition, we train your instructors, evaluators, and proctors through our Train-the-Trainer program.

Don’t have an OQ Written Plan? No problem! Consult with our experts to draft. Learn more about OQ Plan Consulting.

Need specialized material? We produce customized training modules, publications, and interactive learning applications.

Have questions? Contact us at (800) 333-1566 or info@its-training.com to get started today! 

What is Operator Qualification (OQ)?

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations require those who perform covered tasks on gas facilities be qualified by their knowledge and experience in order to protect life and property.

What is a Covered Task?

Covered tasks are defined in an operator’s written plan which defines specific job functions or activities personnel are qualified to perform on a pipeline facility. In order for an activity to be considered a covered task, the following must apply: 

  • The activity is to be performed on a pipeline facility;
  • The activity is a maintenance or operations task;
  • The activity is required by either DOT 49 CFR 192 or 195;
  • The activity will affect the pipeline’s operation or integrity

The OQ Rule

DOT requires pipeline operators to develop and maintain a qualification program to address the following nine protocols:

  1. Document program plan, implementing procedures and qualification criteria
  2. Identify covered tasks and related evaluation methods
  3. Identify individuals performing covered tasks
  4. Evaluate and qualify individuals performing covered tasks
  5. Continued/periodic evaluation of individuals performing covered tasks
  6. Monitor program performance; seek improvement opportunities
  7. Maintain program records
  8. Manage change
  9. Field verification

Our proven, turn-key solutions address each of these protocols, taking the burden away from operators and personnel, so they are free to focus on work at the jobsite.

Covered Task Areas


The Curriculum Design Team at Industrial Training Services, Inc. will aid you in developing an OQ program that suits your company’s needs. ITS offers consulting services that will guide the development and customization of an OQ Plan that’s right for your company.  Additionally, many of our Authorized Evaluators can assist you in developing a customized OQ plan. To fill out your custom OQ plan, you can choose tasks from our expansive libraries, or we can work with you to customize our existing tasks with your company’s policies and procedures. We are constantly developing new courses for OQ covered tasks, so if you don’t see what you need in our library, please ask us about it. Contact us at (800) 333-1566 or info@its-training.com to answer any questions.


The Industrial Training Services, Inc. staff employs world-class customer service when fielding information requests and oftentimes must communicate issues between various parties with expedience and consideration.

When operator or contractor clients log into OnBoard®, our online database and Learning Content Management System, they not only have access to a wealth of training resources and Covered Task lists, but they are able to add their own company-specific documents, training programs, eLearning modules, videos, and more.  This allows instant circulation to employees.

If any material is added or revised, OnBoard® uses an intuitive and automated Notice of Change (NOC) feature that shares the details with those affected by the change. It records who has viewed the change and can take appropriate action for those who have not viewed the NOC in any given timeframe. Learn more about the Notice of Change feature.

Documentation, Audit Support, and Quality Assurance

Industrial Training Services, Inc. not only documents Operator Qualification, but all facets of the training and OQ process. By using OnBoard® LMS, all of your audit records are always accessible in a secure location. Operators can generate customized detailed reports which reflect when training was received, by what method, who conducted the training, and who evaluated and verified the skills of any given personnel. 

We audit submitted records to ensure the accuracy of our database. Our system only allows authorized parties to submit records and requires all necessary information be included for consistency. 

Regulations change over time. Our training and assessment materials are thoroughly reviewed by subject matter experts and industry specialists and updated on a continual basis to ensure they are current with today’s regulations.

Authorized Evaluators

Industrial Training Services, Inc. Authorized Evaluators are all-in-one, turn-key solutions to all your OQ training and qualification needs.

We believe the integrity of our company extends to those approved to use our training and assessment material and we thoroughly vet all of our representatives to ensure their technical competency and ability to communicate. We verify work history and experience to ensure evaluators are subject matter experts in the areas they evaluate.

We continuously monitor the performance of our Authorized Evaluators through various methods including feedback from evaluation candidates. We have Authorized Evaluators all over the country. Find an Authorized Evaluator near you.

Interested in becoming one or have a question? Contact us at (800) 333-1566 or info@its-training.com to learn more.

Records & Reporting

At Industrial Training Services, Inc., reporting is accomplished in a variety of ways.  Records are uploaded daily to OnBoard® LMS, where clients can choose from multiple reports based on the information they are seeking.  Qualification records can be searched by the following criteria:

  • Employee User Name 
  • Proctor Name 
  • Evaluator Name 
  • Employee/User Role 
  • Task Title 
  • Department 
  • Date Task Completed 
  • Order Number

ITS allows 24/7 secure access to client data through the OnBoard® LMS. We upload contractor records twice daily to ISNetworld, ensuring clients using the ISN database get the information they need in a timely manner.

Notice of Change

Department of Transportation 49 CFR §192.805(f) and §195.505(f) states, “You must communicate changes that affect covered tasks to individuals performing those covered tasks.” How operators communicate and document change to employees can be a difficult process. Industrial Training Services, Inc. has simplified the process for you. Using OnBoard’s Notice of Change (NOC) feature, our system documents all facets of the communication process, such as the details of the change, who it was sent to, who responded to it, and who acted upon it. 

The NOC can be used for informational purposes only or the operator can suspend an employee’s or contractor’s OQ if not in compliance with the NOC requirements.