The OnBoard® Learning Content Management System (LMS) is a multi-functional online training and record management platform that is used extensively in the operator qualification, safety, and other compliance-related industries. 

Use OnBoard® to: 

  • Manage users, courses, and exams 
  • Keep records accessible, secure, and up-to-date 
  • Notify and track access of important information changes 
  • Provide training gap and proficiency analysis
  • Generate and distribute customized reports 
  • Automatically remind of expiring qualifications 
  • Access extensive course libraries for OQ Natural Gas, Propane, Hazardous Liquid, and OSHA 
  • Host your own eLearning courses, documents, streaming video, and online exams 
  • Upload skill evaluations and qualify users in real-time or use OnBoard® Connect, our mobile evaluator app for tablets

With 99.9% uptime, OnBoard® is available 24/7 on any device; whether you choose a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet.

OnBoard® can be customized for any industry and scaled to any size business model. 

What are you waiting for? Come OnBoard® today! 

Contact us at (800) 333-1566 or info@its-training.com to request a demo or answer any questions.


Online Training & Testing

OnBoard® Learning Content Management System (LMS) provides a platform for engaging users through interactive learning experiences with eLearning, online exams, and tablet-ready skill evaluations.

With OnBoard®, you get:


Outfitted with a Proctor Verification system, OnBoard® can be customized according to your company’s policy to require proctor verification during testing. With this option enabled, users are required to have a registered and trained proctor present during the online examination process. 

A Smart System

With automated notification upon an exam’s completion, OnBoard® makes managing the testing process easier. When users successfully complete the exam and any other requirements, OnBoard® can automatically send a notification to both the user and the supervisor.



Recommended System Requirements

Computer PC Workstations / Laptops Hardware Specifications

  • Minimum 3GHz processor (Intel or AMD) or equivalent (Example: 1.5 GHz Dual Core)
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM

Tablet Specifications

  • Apple iPad (iOS 9+)
  • Android 3.1+

Supported Internet Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 * 
  • Microsoft Edge 38+ **
  • Mozilla Firefox 9+
  • Google Chrome 54+
  • iOS Safari (iOS 9+)

* ITS ended support on Oct. 1, 2016 for Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 8-10

** Microsoft Edge Browser is not currently supported for some training/testing content.

Required Plugins & Browser Settings

  • Adobe Flash Player *
  • Javascript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled

* May be required to play select elearning courses/exams

Internet Connection Bandwidth Requirements

  • Minimum required for playing elearning courses/exams is 256 KB/s

Administrator Training

In order to ensure all users get the most out of OnBoard® LMS, we provide you Administrator Training on how to navigate OnBoard® LMS. 

The training covers how to:

  • Manage users 
  • Purchase/Make assignments 
  • Access reports 
  • Create customized reports 
  • View/Send transcripts 
  • Upload skill/performance affidavits 
  • Issue Notices of Change 
  • Set reminders

Each feature of OnBoard® LMS is explained in detail so that your company gets the most out of using our system.  

If you would like more information about Administrator Training, please contact us at (800) 333-1566 or info@its-training.com.