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September 11, 2024 @ 10:00 AM (CST)

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Throughout his decades long career in the energy industry and compliance, Warren Miller has developed safety procedures informed by his time in the field.

He co-developed inspection protocols, training, and guidance that shaped the modern OQ Rule while serving in the Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration (PHMSA) and is a current member of the ASME B31Q Standard Committee.

Warren now serves as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist for ITS.

May 15, 2024

What’s next after gpac’s second meeting on leak detection and repair (LDAR Rule)



  1. Comments were closed for LDAR as of April 29th. We hope you were able to get comments into PHMSA before the deadline  
  2. If you are an operator, let your company leadership know there is pending regulation coming, and it will affect your operations. You may want to provide the voting slides from GPAC so they are aware of the possible changes.  
  3. Do not go out and buy new equipment until this regulation comes out as a final rule. Some of the rulemaking language may change.   
  4. Prepare for change. This will affect operation and maintenance, training, and possibly OQ for most operators.    
  5. “When will this be final?” The best estimate after this last GPAC looks like December of 2024.
February 14, 2024

Unpack the gpac meeting on leak detection and repair (LDAR Rule)



  1. This is not yet a final rule. The GPAC committee votes on and recommends language, but PHMSA is the final authority.  
  2. There’s still time to contact the involved associations before the next GPAC meeting, which begins on March 25th. Some topics you may want to comment on include: Gas gathering, Reporting, LNG and Hydrogen, Compliance deadlines, OQ, and Miscellaneous proposals.   
  3. Do not go out and buy new equipment until this regulation comes out as a final rule. Some of the rulemaking language may be revised.   
  4. Prepare for change. Whatever PHMSA decides, this will certainly affect operation and maintenance, training, and possibly OQ for most operators.    
  5. The best estimate for the date of a final rule is June 1st or later.
November 15, 2023

Reviewing PHMSA’s Latest NPRM: Safety of Gas Distribution Lines


  1. Proposal of additional overpressure protection and remote monitoring
  2. Prepare for field construction inspection changes
  3. MOC-make changes safer by having detailed review process
  4. Communicate with the public during service loss
  5. Revisit DIMP program for new threats and risks
May 24, 2023

An Inside Look at the Rulemaking Process and Upcoming NPRMs

This Regulation Navigation webinar covered how PHMSA final rules are made and details of regulations that are in the works for the energy industry. Highlights include:

  • PHMSA rulemaking
  • Annual changes to the property damage threshold
  • Pipeline Safety NPRM on class location changes (October 2020)
  • Pipeline Safety NPRM on gas leak detection and repair (May 2023)

FEBRUARY 15, 2023

Safety of Transmission Pipelines

Warren Miller and Chris Taylor discussed changes coming to PHMSA’s Final Rule and the impact those changes have on the safety of gas transmission pipelines. Topics include:

  • Transmission Pipeline Repair Criteria
  • Integrity Management Improvements
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Management of Change


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