The ITS Enhanced 192 and 195 series have been leading industry standards for Operator Qualification training for the pipeline industry. Yet, a pipeline operator often requires customized training materials for specific tasks that go beyond a standard program.  

PHMSA places the responsibility for modifying an OQ program on pipeline operators, but ITS can provide vital support through developing customized training content.  

Why does it make sense to work with ITS on custom training content? Here are a few reasons:

  • Customized detail and complexity for specific tasks  
  • Precisely match procedures in your OQ program  
  • Include company procedures in the training 
  • Prepare better for regulatory scrutiny  

ITS customizes content and then makes it available through the OnBoard Learning Mangement System in three ways:  

  1. Bring in your Content 
  2. Customize the ITS Enhanced OQ Series 
  3. Develop new custom content  

Here’s a brief summary of the benefits of each approach. 

Bring in Your Own Content 

From an existing PDF/eBook to a fully developed course, ITS can save you a lot of time and money by loading your existing content directly into OnBoard. Completion of eBooks is easy to track, and with an eBook course in place, it’s no trouble for the ITS team to link it with Exams and Performance Evaluations.  

ITS can also import PowerPoint files and courses in a variety of other eLearning platforms directly into OnBoard. The time you’ve invested in a customized course can be easily integrated into our robust OQ tracking system at ITS.  

Customize the Enhanced Series Into a Hybrid OQ Course 

Sometimes ITS clients only want to use part of a training course in the Enhanced series, but they also need to add their specific procedures for workers to fully qualify.  

With the help of the Instructional Design team at ITS, we have helped operators develop hybrid Enhanced OQ courses that keep what they need, remove what they don’t, and add what’s unique to their operations.   

Develop New Custom Content 

When you partner with ITS to develop a custom training, you have support from our instructional design team to analyze tasks and to perform a needs analysis before producing an interactive eLearning course.  

Our team’s proven process will gather your input, incorporate SME feedback, and produce a custom course that matches your specific training needs. Custom courses can be developed with exams and performance evaluations that are all fully tracked in OnBoard and the ITS apps, including Assure and Verify.  

Learn more about developing custom OQ training with ITS today: 

Contact our Learning and Development team.


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